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Net Natural Decrease Approaching for Non-Hispanic Whites

Recent population estimates by age, race, gender and Hispanic origin for Maryland from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that all of Maryland’s population growth in 2014, and indeed since 2010, was the result of the growth in minority populations, where minority is everyone other than non-Hispanic white alone.  Growth in Maryland was led by Hispanics, followed by African Americans, Asians and those of two or more races.  There was a decline in non-Hispanic whites due to net domestic outmigration.  (See Hispanics Continue to Lead Maryland’s Population Gain in 2014).

Percent of Non-Hispanic  White & Minority Births in Maryland

Percent of Non-Hispanic White & Minority Births in Maryland



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As a share of total state residents, Maryland’s foreign born population has grown over four-fold over the past 50 years.

MDP graphic design intern, Sol Moon, worked with Mark Goldstein to produce the following infographic to tell the story of this demographic using U.S. Census Bureau decennial count (1850–2000) and 2008–2010 American Community Survey data. The information contained in this infograhic was patterned after one that was done for the U.S. by the Census Bureau.

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An article from the Baltimore Sun (March 24, 2013) that analyzes the population changes for Maryland’s counties.

Recession changed course of population growth in metro Baltimore – baltimoresun.com. (more…)

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As was reported in the Baltimore Sun, the Baltimore Business Journal and other news media last week, the U.S. Census Bureau released its annual population estimates for counties. The Maryland State Data Center released its tables and analyses on March 14, 2103. These can be found on the 2012 Population Estimates for Maryland’s Jurisdictions webpage.  The big news for Maryland was that Baltimore City is estimated to have grown by just over 1,100 residents (more…)

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Both Maryland and the nation are moving towards becoming majority-minority, where minorities make up more than 50 percent of the population. Minorities are defined as everyone other than “non-Hispanic white alone.” For Maryland as a whole, minorities make up 45.6 percent of the population, well above the overall U.S. rate of 36.6 percent and ranked seventh among the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

It is more than likely that Maryland will become a majority-minority state within the next 10 years. But even right now, Maryland is already majority-minority for almost every single age below 40. (more…)

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Caution should be used in analyzing the municipal population estimates just released by the U.S. Census Bureau. There are a few reasons to be careful in making comparisons. (more…)

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